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Afghanistan produced more than 13,000 tons of citrus

Afghanistan has produced a total of 13,243 tons of citrus fruits (tangerine, orange, sour orange, and lemons) in 1399 (solar year), according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL).

Producing 7,000 tons of tangerine, orange, and lemons, the eastern Nangarhar province ranked the top citrus-producing province in the country, the MAIL said in a statement issued on Saturday, April 17.

According to the statement, the eastern Kunar province produced a total of 2,002 tons of sour orange, followed by Laghman and Khost that marked the third and fourth citrus-producing provinces in the country.

Kabul, Takhar, Balkh, and Sar-e-Pul provinces have also begun planting citrus trees in recent years.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country where the majority of the country’s population lives on agricultural products. The country’s agriculture products have taken an ascending trend in recent years.