Age limit relaxed for all govt jobs except BCS

While a good number of candidates has become frustrated as many of them had crossed maximum age limit for government job during the lockdown period, the latest directive from Ministry of Public Administration (MoPA) brings a ray of hope.

In a circular, the MoPa today said that the candidates who turned 30 after March 25 would be able to apply for jobs of the organisations that had got clearance from the ministry for hiring people prior to the lockdown.

However, this will not be applicable for the exams under Public Service Commission (PSC), according to the release signed by Dipankar Biswas, Deputy Secretary, MoPA.

Talking to the Daily Star, he said, “Many government organisations had got clearance from the Ministry to hire people against their vacant posts but could not give circular due to the lockdown.”

“We’ve asked these organisations to consider age of the candidates as on March 25. If a candidate aged under 30 years before the lockdown, he will be able to apply for the job,” he said adding even if these organisations give circular two months from now, they will consider age of a candidate as on March 25.

But this will not be applicable for the organisations that has got clearance in recent, he added.

Replying to a question, he said it is not immediately possible to say how many organisations got clearance for recruitment prior to lockdown.