BADC sunflower fields attract visitors

Hundreds of people from different districts visit a farm of Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) at Domrakandi in Faridpur Sadar everyday to enjoy the scenic beauty of sunflowers in bloom at the farm. Sunflowers are grown at the farm to produce seeds.

According to the BADC office, a total of four acres of land of BADC have been brought under the sunflower cultivation this year. Bari-3 sunflower seed have been cultivated there in the first week of November. The stem of the flower can grow up to three metres tall, with a flower head that can be 12 cm wide.

Mizanur Rahman Khan, gardener of the sunflower field, said a good number of visitors from Rajbari, Gopalganj, Magura, Khulna and Dhaka visit the sunflower fields every day. They visit around the field and took picture with the sunflowers.

On the other hand, around 300 parrots come to this field every morning to eat the seed of the sunflowers.

So, four people like him work here every day to protect the flowers, he added.

During a visit to the field of BADC on Monday noon, this correspondent found that around 50 people including women and children came to visit the sunflower fields. They are visiting around the field and taking pictures with the flowers.

Shemul Roy, a masters student of Government Rajendra College in Faridpur, who came to see the field, said “I came to know from one of my friends about the sunflower field. So, I come to visit the field. I am really surprised to see the scenic beauty of the flower field.”

Apurba Kunda, who came from Takerhat of Madaridpur to see the sunflower field, said the sunflower field is looking like a yellow carpet. He never sees a good number of sunflowers in a place like it.

Mimi Akter, a resident of Komorpur area under Sadar upazila in Faridpur, said, “I have heard from many of my know people about the sunflower field. So I came here. It is really a beautiful place to visit.”

Md Rashed Khan, sub-assistant director of Faridpur BADC, said “Four acres of land have been brought under sunflower cultivation this year. We are expecting 400-500 kg seeds from one acre of land. The farmers of this area are being interested to cultivate sunflower seeds as sunflower oil is very healthy and profitable.