Diarrhoea claims 4 lives in Patuakhali

The number of people suffering from diarrhoea in different upazilas of the district has increased in the last few day.

The disease has already claimed at least four lives in the last two days.

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The deceased are Shahara Sanful, 15, an SSC examinee from Kanthaltali Secondary School and daughter of Rakib Khandaker of Samaddarkathi village in Mirzaganj upazila, Taiyab Ali Sikder, 75, of Madhabkhali area of the upazila, Abdul Haque Munshi, 82, of Jalisha village in Dumki upazila, and Khadija Begum, 35, of Keshabpur area in Baufal upazila.

Moreover, at least 313 diarrhoea patients have been admitted at different hospitals of the district in the last 24 hours.

The patients are, however, facing shortage of saline bags and adequate bed facilities at different hospital.

Attendants of a number of patients alleged that a saline bag, which is usually cost Tk 92, is being sold at Tk 200 to Tk 250 now.

Meanwhile, Patuakhali Civil Surgeon Jahangir Alam said 84 separate medical teams have been formed to ensure proper treatment to the diarrhoea infected patients.

Local union parishad (UP) Chairman Monir Hossain Talukder said Shahara was infected with diarrhoea on Sunday morning and died at home the same afternoon, while Taiyab died at home the same morning.

He said over two hundred people in his area have been suffering from diarrhoea.

Dumki Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr Mir Shahidul Hasan said Abdul Haque, who died at Dumki Upazila Health Complex on Sunday, had been suffering from diarrhoea but he had symptoms of pneumonia.

Mirzaganj Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dilruba Yasmin Liza said the number of diarrhoea patients in the upazila has been increasing in an alarming rate as at least 93 diarrhoea patients have been hospitalised in the last 24 hours.

Besides, at least 349 people have taken treatment at the upazila health complex in the last seven days, she added.

Meanwhile, housewife Khadija died of diarrhoea while being taken to Baufal Upazila Health Complex on Sunday noon.

Meanwhile, at least 157 diarrhoea patients have been admitted at the 10-bed Diarrhoea Ward of 250-bed Patuakhali General Hospital in the last few days.

Jabbar Khalifa of Nandipara area in Sadar upazila said his eight-year-old daughter Afroza and two-year-old grandson Junaid were admitted at the hospital on Saturday and Sunday respectively, but no saline bags have been provided from the hospital and they have to buy saline bags from outside at a higher price.

Assistant Director of Patuakhali General Hospital Dr Lokman Hakim said saline crisis has occurred due to an increase in number of patients in the last few days.

According to sources at Patuakhali Civil Surgeon Office at least 313 diarrhoea patients have been admitted to eight upazila hospitals, including Patuakhali General Hospital, of the district in the last 24 hours.

Of them, 76 were admitted at Patuakhali General Hospital, 93 at Mirzaganj Upazila Health Complex, 40 each at Galachipa and Baufal Upazila Health Complexes, 25 in Dashmina Upazila Health Complex, 17 at Dumki Upazila Health Complex, 12 at Kalapara Upazila Health Complex, and 10 at Patuakhali Sadar Hospital.