Neuromedicine specialist Prof Dr Deen Mohammad in quarantine

Renowned Bangladeshi neurologist, academic and neuro-medicine specialist Professor Dr Quazi Deen Mohammad, also the founding director of National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital in Dhaka, has placed himself in quarantine.

Prof Dr Badrul Haque, co-director of National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital confirmed this to The Daily Star this evening.

Dr Deen Mohammad’s Covid-19 test report came back positive on September 13, and a second report came back negative on September 15, Dr Badrul said.

However, he opted to consider himself positive for coronavirus and decided to put himself in quarantine at his residence. He is not consulting patients, nor coming to the hospital.

Dr Deen Mohammad is physically doing well, with no visible symptoms of coronavirus infection, and has requested the countrymen to keep him in their prayers and not to spread any rumour to this end, Dr Badrul added.