Violence against women: Rights activists hold protest procession in Dhaka

Rights activists today brought out a torch procession with the slogan “Muktir Michhil” (March for Freedom) in Dhaka protesting the violence against women across the country.

The event was organised by activists under the banner of Projonmantore Naribadi Moitri (Feminists Across Generations) marking the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women

They brought out a torch procession from Satmasjid Road in the capital’s Dhanmondi around 7:00pm where over a hundred women joined. The procession ended in front of the National Parliament.

As part of the programme, participants arranged two flash mobs titled “Tui Dhorshok” (You are a rapist) at two spots in Dhanmondi on way to the National Parliament. 

The activists also read out a statement in front of the National Parliament protesting the widespread incident of rape and violence against women across the country and called for government to come up with effective solutions.

At least 975 women were raped, 43 women killed after rape and 204 women became victims of attempted rape between January and September this year, according to Ain-o-Salish Kendra (ASK).