Bolsonaro Lies in His Biggest Attack on Brazil’s Voting System

In a live broadcast on his social networks and official channels in which he promised to divulge evidence of electoral fraud, President Jair Bolsonaro admitted that there is no such evidence while repeating theories about the electronic voting machine that have already been disproved several times.

“There is no way to prove that the elections were or were not rigged. There are signs,” he declared. Over the more than two hours of broadcast, he showed videos that suggested it was possible to hack the source code to compute the vote of one candidate for another.

Brasilia-DF, 29.07.2021, Jair Bolsonaro, in a live broadcast on his social networks
( Foto: Reprodução / TVbrasil no youtube )

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE), as well as specialists and reports, demonstrated several times that this is not feasible.

The allegation has been used by the president to defend the paper ballot, which he wants in the 2022 elections.

During the speech, full of lies, he also criticized the TSE, the secular state, the press, the left, research institutes and minorities.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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