Brazil extends shelf life of Janssen jab against COVID-19

The directors’ board of Brazil’s national sanitary  regulator Anvisa approved the extension of shelf life of the Janssen vaccine against COVID-19 from three to four months and a half, under temperature of 2º to 8ºC.

In a note, Anvisa states that the measure was based on a “strict assessment on quality data from studies which showed that the vaccine tends to remain steady for the period [of 4.5 months] and considered a decision by the US agency [FDA], which also approved the change on June 10, 2021.”

The approval came after it was disclosed that the doses to be administered this month should expire on 27, and grants the request made by the pharmaceutical company, subsidiary of group Johnson & Johnson, filed on June 10.

Janssen’s vaccine has been authorized for emergency use in Brazil.