Brazil registers record number of daily Covid-19 cases

The number of daily infections by the new coronavirus continues to rise in Brazil. According to a bulletin released by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday (Jan. 19), 204,854 cases have been registered in the last 24 hours. This is the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of people infected with covid-19 totals 23,416,748.

The number of deaths caused by covid-19 has not risen at the same rate. 621,855 fatalities have been reported, with 338 deaths between Tuesday (18) and Wednesday (19). 3,062 deaths are still under investigation. 

21,848,301 people have recovered from the disease so far, the report says.


According to the balance released by Health Departments throughout the country, the states with the most coronavirus-related-fatalities are São Paulo (155,997), Rio de Janeiro (69,623), Minas Gerais (56,866), Paraná (40,951) and Rio Grande do Sul (36,564).

The states with the fewest deaths are Acre (1,854), Amapá (2,033), Roraima (2,082) and Tocantins (3,978).

The highest number of cases have been reported in São Paulo (4.5 million), Minas Gerais (2.4 million) and Paraná (1.7 million), and the fewest cases in Acre (91,400), Amapá (130,900) and Roraima (134,000).


The Ministry of Health also reported 811 cases of people infected with the Omicron variant, and two fatalities. 1,080 cases and two deaths from the new variant are still under investigation.


According to the ministry’s national vaccination panel, a total of 325.7 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Brazil.

159 million have received the first dose and 139.8 million both doses, or a single dose. So far 25.7 million people have taken the booster dose.