Brazil reports 4,33 mi cases of COVID-19, 131,600 deaths

The Ministry of Health on Sunday (Sep. 13) reported that 14,768 new infections with COVID-19 were notified in 24 hours, adding up to 4,330,455 cases since the pandemic started. The total death toll from the disease stands now at 131,625, as 415 fatal cases were reported from Saturday to Sunday.

There are 624,872 cases being monitored. The lethality rate is three percent, and mortality/100 thousand people is 62.6. The incidence of COVID-19 cases for every 100 thousand people is 2,060.7.

São Paulo is the Brazilian state with the highest amount of deaths (32,606), followed by Rio de Janeiro (16,990), Ceará (8,686), Pernambuco (7,874), and Pará (6,344). Roraima has the lowest number of fatal cases (610). Next come Acre (640), Amapá (678), Tocantins (806), and Mato Grosso do Sul (1,065).

São Paulo also ranks first for number of cases, with 892,257, followed by Bahia (282,517), Minas Gerais (252,263), Rio de Janeiro (242,491), and Ceará (227,449). The states with the fewest cases are Acre (26,166), Amapá (45,853), Roraima (46,478) e Mato Grosso do Sul (59,077).

*With the collaboration of reporters Mariana Tokarnia and Elaine Patrícia Cruz