Brazil’s COVID-19 cases total 4.55 mi, deaths 137,200

Brazil reported 377 deaths from COVID-19, raising the total to 137,272 since the pandemic started. There are also 2,428 deaths under investigation.

The data can be found in the daily report released by the Health Ministry on Monday evening (Sep. 21).

The total case tally stands at 4,558,068. Between Monday and Sunday, the state health secretariats notified 13,439 new diagnoses positive for the novel coronavirus. Also according to update, 533,597 people are being monitored and another 3,887,199 have recovered from COVID-19.

Cases are fewer on Sundays and Mondays due to the limitations facing the local secretariats feeding the national data bank. On Tuesday, the case count has been higher, as the accumulated data are finally computed.


The states with the highest death toll are São Paulo (33,984), Rio de Janeiro (17,727), Ceará (8,834), Pernambuco (8,016), and Minas Gerais (6,727). The lowest number of deaths is seen in Roraima (613), Acre (649), Amapá (693), Tocantins (867), and Mato Grosso do Sul (1,179).