COVID-19: Brazil case tally stands at 4.4 mi, deaths total 134,900

Brazil has reached 4,455,386 cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic started. In 24 hours, 36,303 new people were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus were registered, as per the report released Thursday (Sep. 17) by the Health Ministry.

Of the total amount of people infected, 3,753,082 have recovered. There are also 567,369 patients being monitored.

Currently updated with the figures sent in by state health secretariats, the report also shows that 134,935 people have passed away in the country since the pandemic started. From Wednesday to Thursday, 829 new deaths were added to the statistics. At least 2,389 deaths are under investigation.


The states with the highest death toll are São Paulo (33,472), Rio de Janeiro (17,453), Ceará (8,774), Pernambuco (7,954), and Pará (6,421). Those with the lowest amount of lives claimed thus far are Roraima (611), Acre (646), Amapá (688), Tocantins (840), and Mato Grosso do Sul (1,133).