COVID-19: Brazil has reported 134,000 deaths, 4.4 mi confirmed cases

Brazil’s Health Ministry reported on Wednesday (Sep. 16) that the country has reached 134,106 deaths due to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. In 24 hours, 987 fatal cases have been notified. The total is up 0.7 percent from Tuesday’s count. There are also 2,428 deaths under investigation.

Also according to the daily update, 36,820 new diagnoses of COVID-19 were registered, adding up 4,419,083 people infected since the pandemic started. The result is up 0.8 percent from Tuesday.

Of the total of infected, 84.2 percent have recovered from COVID-19—3,720,312 people—and 564,665 patients are being monitored.

The lethality rate (number of deaths divided by the total of cases) stood at three percent. Mortality (deaths for every 100 thousand people) is 63.8. The incidence (case count for every 100 thousand people) went up to 2,102.9.

COVID-19 across the states

The state of São Paulo has had 33,253 deaths and 909,428 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. The figures are within the fifteen-day estimate made by São Paulo’s Coronavirus Contingency Center, which forecast something between 900 thousand and 1 million infected and 33 thousand to 38 thousand deaths by September 15.

The state of Rio de Janeiro is registering the second highest number of deaths from COVID-19 (17,342). Second comes Ceará (8,764), Pernambuco (7,933), and Pará (6,405).