Citi Malaysia’s consumer business to operate as normal

KUALA LUMPUR: Citi Malaysia has assured its customers that its consumer business operations and offices will operate as normal following the announcement that Citigroup will shutter its consumer banking business in Malaysia.

Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser announced last week that the banking group will focus its global consumer bank presence in Asia and Europe, Middle East and Africa on global wealth centres, leading to its exit from consumer franchises in 13 markets, including Malaysia.

“We would like to convey to all credit card, bank account holders and our customers in investments and loans, that all our existing products and services will continue normally and there will be no change in our high level of service.

“All branches, ATMs, call center and offices, will continue to operate as they do today,” said consumer business manager Elaine Fan.

Customers can continue to conduct transactions or service inquiries through the Citi Mobile App, Citibank Online and CitiPhone.

Fan added that this will remains the case until the bank notifies its customers of any changes in the future.

Citi Malaysia CEO Usman Ahmed added that it will protect the interest of and minimise the impact on its customers, employees and stakeholders.