Regulations to standardize global military cooperation

Chinese and US troops perform a joint confined-space rescue operation at Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Facility of the Oregon Army National Guard in Warrenton, Oregon. (YIN BOGU / XINHUA)

Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, has signed an order to release regulations on international military cooperation.

The regulations will take effect on March 1

The regulation document, comprising 48 stipulations in eight chapters, defines the main tasks and fields for the country’s international military cooperation as well as the systems in terms of planning, implementation, risk control and assessment in related work, according to a statement released on Friday.

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It also standardizes the procedures and approaches for developing international military cooperation and helps to further improve the overall efficiency of such work in the new era, the statement added.

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Using various forms of collaboration to foster international military cooperation in the new era is significant in order to effectively uphold the country’s sovereignty, security and development interests, promote global and regional peace and stability, and advance the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, according to the statement.

The regulations will take effect on March 1.

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