Women take to streets of Belarus again, calling for Lukashenko to go

Belarusian women took once again to the streets of Minsk protesting against President Alexander Lukashenko.

In what has now become a tradition on Saturdays in the Belarusian capital, hundreds marched carrying flowers and chanting “Long live Belarus”.

A number of protesters were detained by riot police, who have violently cracked down on the protests which have been raging since the disputed election in August.

The opposition leaders – who have all either fled the country or been arrested by the regime – accuse Lukashenko of rigging the election, which he claimed to have won in a landslide despite unprecedented opposition in the streets leading up to the vote.

The election result has been rejected by the EU among other western powers.

On Friday, Belarusian authorities announced an arrest warrant had been issued for the top opposition figure Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, who is in exile in neighboring Lithuania since the election.

They accused her of “attempts to overthrow constitutional order” and of being a threat to national security.