Govt’s Bachelor of Education scholarship applications to open in March

PETALING JAYA: Applications for the Bachelor of Education (ISMP) scholarships offered by the Education Ministry will be open from March 1 to 31,2021.

The ministry said the scholarship is open to outstanding first- or second-year students at public universities who are pursuing their education in certain fields and applications may be done online at

“These students will then be appointed as education services officers and placed in secondary schools under the Education Ministry, ” it said in a statement on Thursday (Feb 25).

This year, the ministry said it has projected 28 subjects that are required in these secondary schools and need to be filled by 2025.

It added that the subjects being offered are based on the planning and projection of the option teacher requirements in secondary schools from year to year.

It also said that there were enquiries on the Tamil Language option which is not being offered this year.

However, the language subject option is not available this year as the ministry projects a need for these teachers only in 2026 as there is a surplus of Tamil Language teachers right now, it added.

“The Education Ministry through the Malaysia Institute of Teacher Education will implement student recruitment for the Bachelor of Teaching Degree Programme in the field of Tamil Language specialisation in September 2021, ” it added.