Karate kid shares SPM Maths tips

NATIONAL karate athlete Shahmalarani Chandran recently conducted an SPM Mathematics online workshop with over 1,000 secondary school students in attendance.

The athlete, who has won medals at the Sukma Games and the South East Asia Karate Federation Championship, said her four-year experience as a Mathematics tutor gave her the empowerment to impart her knowledge to the students.

Shahmalarani sees many similarities between mathematics and karate.

“Both require a considerable amount of practice. When we practise more and more in karate, we learn how to handle and react to situations quickly and without hesitation during sparring, ” she said in a press release.

She added that karate is also like mathematics with regard to problem-solving.

“During a karate fight, we encounter new situations that require us to ‘play back’ scenarios in our minds and think about the right choice of movement to utilise and attack.

“A small mistake would cost us points, which is like maths – one wrong symbol, formula or notation would ruin an entire answer to a question!” she explained.

Lastly, Shahmalarani believes that having a passion and eagerness to learn new techniques is important for both mathematics and karate students to progress in their learning.

Part of The Risers, who serve as brand ambassadors of Taylor’s College, Shahmalarani carried out the online workshop on The Risers community-engagement portal.

“I had conducted tutorial sessions for SPM, IGCSE and degree students for their exam preparations. Those experiences motivated me to come up with the idea of having this workshop, ” she said.

In addition, she wrote a Mathematics handbook to help the SPM 2020 students with their exam preparations.

Titled Maths Mastery Tools, it is a booklet containing all the mathematical formulas that the students would need to equip themselves for their exam.

It was published online for students who took part in the online workshop, with a limited release of physical copies.

Shahmalarani, who just obtained a Bachelor in Science (Actuarial Studies) from the college, shared that it was through the college’s PALS (peer-assisted learning system) programme that she discovered her love for teaching.

“When I began my degree, I was introduced to the PALS programme where students are appointed to help their peers in academic subjects.

“Since 2017, I have been involved in PALS for subjects like Calculus, Mathematics, Finance and Accounting. So, thanks to Taylor’s, I found my passion for teaching!” she said.

The Risers have recently partnered with Youth World Development and UniEnrol to deliver workshops on various SPM subjects conducted by teachers who are SPM examiners.

The Risers have also launched an online SPM tuition sponsorship programme to provide 500 Form Five students with access to a three-month free online tuition, in partnership with MyTuition.

For more SPM tips and workshop access, join The Risers and download the mobile app by Taylor’s College.

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