NUTP will never condone sexual harassment, says union sec-gen Harry Tan

PETALING JAYA: The National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) does not – and will never – condone any form of sexual harassment against anyone, especially students.

Apologising for not making the union’s stand clear, NUTP secretary-general Harry Tan admitted that his response in a recent interview was “insensitive”.

“Please accept my sincere apology. Neither me nor the NUTP would ever support any teacher who perpetrates the systemic nature of sexual harassment, rape and abuse in schools,” he said.

“The point I was trying to make was that the majority of the country’s 450,000 teachers are dedicated, hard working and caring educators.Unfortunately, that did not come across clearly, ” added Tan.

Asked about allegations against him on Twitter, Tan denied any wrongdoing.

“If these allegations are true, please make a police report and let the law take its course.

On Thursday, Awani had posted a video of their interview with Tan asking whether the NUTP is concerned about abuse allegations in schools.

In response, he asked the hosts whether sexual abuse allegations in schools are a widespread problem and then for data and how many schools are involved.

A petition has been launched as a result, calling for his resignation as the NUTP secretary-general.

Additionally, several social media users who claimed to be Tan’s former students alleged that he had made sexist remarks and watched inappropriate videos during their lessons.

Some social media users also shared screenshots of conversations alleging that Tan watched inappropriate videos during their lessons.