SPM programme designed to teach exam secrets of A+ students

PETALING JAYA: Most students’ idea of examination preparation, not surprisingly, involves studying long hours and putting a lot of effort into memorising every single fact.

Many still passively absorb what they are taught with minimal active retrieval practice and will resort to cramming facts and trying to do past Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination papers or trial papers only several weeks before the examinations.

Yet most students will share similar experiences where their top-performing peers do not seem to work hard and still do very well in their examinations. This is because studying is just one part of the equation, said EduKaji’s co-founder and chief executive officer Rickson Khaw.

There are other advantages that A+ students create for themselves that do not necessarily involve burning the midnight oil or desperately memorising everything, he said.

“Just like entering a cooking competition, you cannot only memorise a recipe book and expect to win.

“You not only need to consistently practice in order to execute within the given time but also understand the rules of the competition, and researching about the judges’ preferences will allow you to produce an outcome that will maximise your scores, ” Khaw explained.

Similarly in examinations, having a strong understanding of facts and concepts will enable students to produce good answers.

Many A+ students make it a habit to do continuous practice while they study, which enables stronger understanding and memory retention compared to last-minute preparation.

That is why Star Education, in conjunction with its Star Education Fair from May 22 and 23, is collaborating with to launch SPM Accelerate, a five-month online intensive class starting on May 31.

This programme aims to help the vast majority of students who feel anxious and underprepared to face this year’s SPM under the new Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Menengah (KSSM) syllabus held for the first time.

“Under the programme, each teacher will ensure you know the exam format and points allocation so that you are able to strategise your time management accordingly.

“On top of this, you will learn answering techniques which teach you to understand examination questions. By knowing how to spot keywords and learning how to provide answers that maximise your scores based on the exam scheme, you will perform better.

“The programme will also emphasise on the continuous practice of past year and trial papers, so you become familiar with the exam patterns and applying knowledge effectively, ” Khaw said.

The best part of the programme is its affordability which starts from only RM20 per subject per month. Star Education is also providing an exclusive promotional code. Students can save more by simply keying in EDUFAIR15 to activate a 15% discount. To purchase, head on to

For any direct enquiries, you can Whatsapp or contact 012-6200774 (Ken).

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