UTAR gets Newton Fund Impact Scheme grant

THE British Council has granted the Newton Fund Impact Scheme (NFIS) to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’s (UTAR) Prof Dr Lim Yun Seng for his ‘development of IoT-controlled virtual energy storage for maximum demand reductions under intermittency of photovoltaic systems’ research.

Prof Lim – who is UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science Centre for Power Systems and Electricity chairperson and research lead – and his co-researchers Dr Wong Jianhui and Prof Dr Eng Yoke Kee, were awarded RM723,967 (£137,000) for the entire research project with a grant duration of 12 months to a maximum of 18 months.The Newton Fund builds research and innovation partnerships with 17 partner countries to support economic development and social welfare, and develop research and innovation capacity for long term sustainable growth.

It is designed to be flexible and responsive to in-country needs and intended to empower applicants to bring in relevant private and third sector partners, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), technology transfer offices, and other not-for-profit organisations.

Managed by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and delivered through seven UK delivery partners, including the British Council and the Met Office, the fund has RM3.9bil (£735mil) of UK Government investment until 2021, with matching resources from partner countries.

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