Warm welcome boosts pupils’ joy at being back in school

JOHOR BARU: It was an exciting day for some 314 pre-school, Year One and Two pupils of SK (P) Sultan Ibrahim here as they were finally able to go back to school.

The pupils were greeted by the Pinkfong cartoon character mascot as they walked into the school for the first time this year.

Lawyer M. Nithiyah, 32, who was sending her seven-year-old daughter to school, lauded the effort, adding that it would help boost the children’s spirits.

“My daughter was very excited to go to school today, especially since she received such a cheerful welcome.

“In terms of safety, I was not worried as teachers have reminded

parents numerous times to ensure that their children are equipped with face masks and hand sanitisers, ” she said outside the school here.

Noor Azeera Md Ali, 34, said her two children, aged seven and eight, were happy to go back to school.

She added that she made sure they both had enough hand sanitiser and extra face masks to protect themselves while at school.

Johor Kumpulan Pengerak Ibu Bapa Komuniti Swasta chairman Datuk Yahya Jaafar said the schools had carried out sanitisation to ensure that children could return safely.

“The reopening of the school here was carried out smoothly with parents, teachers and pupils seen adhering to the standard operating procedure, ” he said.

“We hope that this will continue in the weeks to come.”

Yahya added that schools had also given some flexibility to parents for the first three days, where they were allowed to send their children by 8am and pupils were allowed to forgo their school uniforms.