Write it right

ATTENTION, all Form Six and pre-university students! Here’s your chance to get your essays published, and gauge your readiness to tackle the writing tasks in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

The Earn Your Band 5+ column in The Star’s Newspaper-in-Education (NiE) pullout is accepting essay submissions from students keen on putting their MUET writing skills to the test.

Here are the writing tasks for the second instalment of the column this year:

Task 1

You are advised to spend about 25 minutes on this task

Maran has an assignment on historical places that he needs to present in class.

His uncle proposes that he visits his cousin in the city (after the movement control order is lifted) so that he can get more firsthand knowledge of the historical places and take some impressive photographs.

Read the email from Maran, asking his cousin for some recommendations

Using all the notes given, write a reply of at least 100 words in the right tone and format.

Task 2

You are advised to spend about 50 minutes on this task.

The switch to online learning due to the pandemic has posed several challenges to teachers and students alike. Describe some of these challenges and ways to overcome them.

Write at least 250 words.

All essays should fulfil the MUET writing criteria, in line with the latest revision of the MUET syllabus, and changes to the test specification.

Title your email “MUET Issue 2: Task (number)”, and send it to [email protected] by Feb 28. Provide your full name, age, school name, MyKad number, home address and cellphone number.

Students whose essays are published will be given certificates of recognition endorsed by Star Media Group Bhd. Not just that, we will grade your submission using a three-star system. Get one star and take home RM30; hit two stars and walk away with RM40; clinch three stars and RM50 is yours!

Earn Your Band 5+ is aimed at improving the English proficiency of those taking the MUET. It features students’ essays, with analyses given by specialist writers, as well as exercises based on infographics from The Star newspaper.

Published on Wednesdays, NiE is available through school subscriptions of The Star. Subscribe through your school or call The Star’s Customer Care Unit at 1-300- 88-7827.