Actress Janna Nick lodges police report after infuriated K-pop fans slam her for laughing at Shinee vocalist’s death (VIDEO)

The 25-year-old ‘Kimchi Untuk Awak’ issued an 11-minute-long apology following the incident but fans are still not happy. — Picture from Instagram/Janna Nick

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PETALING JAYA, Feb 22 — Popular Malaysian actress Janna Nick has lodged a police report against K-pop fans for attacking her online.

The 25-year-old became an internet target over an old video that angry fans claimed was disrespectful of the death of Shinee vocalist Jonghyun.

Last night, Janna announced on her now-deactivated social media platforms that she hopes all the accounts that participated in sparking controversy will be identified following her police report.

The Kimchi Untuk Awak star accompanied her tweet with a snapshot of a police station, saying “all screenshots have been recorded by the authorities and action will be taken against the cybercrimes committed.”

But the move backfired on the actress with the hashtag #jannanickisgoingtojailparty began trending after news of her police report got out.





The actress whose real name is Nurul Jannah Muner incurred the wrath of passionate K-pop fans over the weekend after a 2018 Instagram Story of her and fellow actress Sharifah Sakinah resurfaced.

The women were in a hair salon where Janna was bleaching her hair blonde to which Sakinah asks, “That’s the dead one, right?” which appeared to refer to Jonghyun who had committed suicide in 2017.

Janna can then be heard laughing at Sakinah’s question, leading fans to admonish her on Twitter.



She then issued an 11-minute-long apology where she swore on the Quran saying she didn’t hear Sakinah’s comment as the salon was noisy.

“I had no idea that the thing she said was referring to the deceased,” Janna said.

“I don’t care if people say I’m playing the victim because I’m being honest.”

Following the controversy, Sakinah too apologised to K-pop fans after she was accused of making fun of Jonghyun’s death.

Both Janna’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have also been deleted following the incident — it is unclear if the actress deactivated them or they were removed by administrators after fans reported the accounts.




As a result of the controversy, Malaysia K-pop fans say they are being removed from K-pop group chats.





In a separate cyber incident, Blackpink fans criticised the actress for making fun of the popular girl group’s Thai member Lisa Manoban by calling the singer ‘Lisa BLACKPIG’.



No stranger to controversy, Janna was previously slammed online for saying the storming of the US Capitol building in Washington DC was influenced by the dystopian horror action film The Purge.