Actress Nabila Huda vents frustration at having to pay full fees for daughter’s education despite classes being online

Nabila Huda said that it is unfair that parents have to pay the full fee for their children’s education despite classes shifting online. ― Picture via instagram/kupu_kupu

PETALING JAYA, Jan 20 ― Actress Nabila Huda is frustrated that she needed to pay her daughter’s full school fees despite school classes being shifted online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In her Instagram, she urged parents to voice out the unfairness of having to make full payment although school facilities were not in use due to the closure of schools.



A post shared by Nabila Huda (@kupu_kupu)

“Why do we have to continue paying school fees in full when the only payment that is needed right now are the teachers’ salaries?

“Can’t schools negotiate with parents on the school fees as it is not just burdening me but most parents too?”

She added that she was worried about her daughter Keisha Laila having to cope with online classes and said that for many children, the struggle is real with having to sit in front of a laptop to study.

“These virtual classes do not fully work for my daughter, and I have decided to turn to homeschooling so that she can learn better.”

Fellow Malaysian actress Nora Danish also agreed with Nabila’s statement saying that not all mothers are able to help their children at home with their online classes and homework.

One social media however garnered the most likes after posting a lengthy statement saying that as an actress, Nabila should have used her social media wisely.

“I don’t think you understand what teachers have to go through – many of them have been retrenched while others only get half of the salary because of parents’ mindset like yourself.

“The harsh truth is that nobody asked for this online learning platform to even happen, and yes it has been difficult not just for the students but school teachers as well.

“Lesson plans and materials used have to be prepared in a completely different style with online classes especially with students’ attention span much lower as compared to physical classes.”

Another user however pointed out that there should have been a discussion between the government, schools and the parents to discuss the best way forward to enhance the education system amid the pandemic.

“Let us not point fingers at the parents’ and teachers for both sides have been working hard to help their children and students excel at online education.

“Thinking of a solution is important right now,” said the Instagram user.