Actress Scha Elinnea denies having a sugar daddy after buying Mercedes-Benz she’s been saving up for since 15

Independent woman: The 21-year-old has been saving up since she was 15 to buy her dream car. — Picture from Instagram/Scha Elinnea

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PETALING JAYA, May 11 — Actress Scha Elinnea’s personal achievement of buying a luxury car was marred by Internet users who questioned the starlet’s financial capabilities.

The 21-year-old received Instagram messages from social media users who accused her of using “illegal money”, insinuating that the actress’ latest purchase was funded by a sugar daddy.

Scha, whose real name is Natasha Mohamed Mubeen said she would never give underhanded income to her family.

“Someone sent me a direct message with a screenshot that read ‘someone must be funding her’.

“Think a little, it’s Ramadan, would I give haram earnings to my family or buy a car using illegal money?” she wrote.

The Tak Sempurna Mencintaimu star said in a post on Saturday she was thankful for the milestone, saying she never imagined she would own her dream car at such a young age.



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Scha bought herself a Mercedes-Benz A180 AMG that cost nearly RM200,000 using funds she had been saving since she was 15 from modelling gigs.

“My family is normal, we’re not rich. Whatever I wanted, I had to work for it.

“Lots of people don’t know I’ve been working since I was 15 as a model and product reviewer and I started acting two years ago.

“In all that time, I didn’t spend money on handbags, fancy shoes or eat at expensive restaurants,” she said.

The actress and entrepreneur said she made sure to save up every month to buy her dream car at 21 and aims to own a house before she turns 25.

Scha previously experienced social media hate last year when her Instagram photos were criticised for being too revealing.

The negative remarks led her to disable the comments section, saying she didn’t want to censor her authentic self.