Chinese actress Gao Liu to have more surgeries for wounded nose caused by botched plastic surgery

Chinese actress Gao Liu will undergo more surgeries to repair her nose that had been wounded in a botched plastic surgery. — Picture via Weibo/Gao Liu

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KUALA LUMPUR, May 11 — Chinese actress Gao Liu will be having more surgeries for her nose that was wounded because of a botched surgery as the surgical wound has failed to heal itself.

The 25-year-old said the procedures were to fix the nose’s shape that had become misshapen following last October’s procedure involving a “micro-adjustment” to graft cartilage onto the tip of her nose.

Speaking in a talk show Qi Ri Tan (Seven Day Talk), Gao said besides losing 400,000 yuan (RM251,711) in work, she also had to pay some two million yuan (RM1.28 million) in compensation for failing to fulfil her contract following the incident.

Taiwanese portal Mirror Media quoted Gao as saying that she decided to go under the knife as she was not confident about how she looked.

In her mind, she just wanted to be more beautiful, said Gao, adding that she was not concerned about the side effects despite advice from her friends that there would be risks.

In February, Gao had shared photos of her botched nose operation to warn fans of the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

The candid pictures showed a part of her nose blackened with dead flesh.