Comedian Lan Pet Pet claims he was provoked after video of scuffle with food delivery rider goes viral

The video of the scuffle between Lan Pet Pet and a food delivery rider went viral on social media. -— Picture via Instagram/lanpetpet

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KUALA LUMPUR, May 6 — Local comedian Lan Pet Pet is in the spotlight again on Malaysian social media after a video of him squabbling with a food delivery rider made its rounds earlier this week.

In the 24-second video which took place on May 1, Lan or his real name Mazlan Ahmad can be seen grabbing and hitting the rider before the scuffle was broken by onlookers.

Lan can also be seen warning the rider before the video ended.

The 52-year-old comedian told BHOnline that the incident which took place in front of the Russian embassy in Jalan Ampang began after he had confronted the rider for riding in the middle of the road while being on his phone.

“I confronted the young man as his action (using a phone while riding) is very dangerous.

“Not only to his life but also a risk to other road users.

“However, things turned south after I was scorned and provoked by him,” he said.

“How can I just let it be, I’m also a human being and my patience has its limits.

“I acted out of self defense and it wasn’t in any way me trying to be a thug and we only fought for a few seconds,” Lan said.

The Senario actor also said that he has since filed a police report regarding the incident, and he had also filed a report on the woman who had recorded and spreaded the video of the fight.

“I’m disappointed with the woman’s action, she only saw what’s right in front of her eyes without knowing the real context of the incident.

“I was told that the woman has been circulating the video through WhatsApp.

“She shouldn’t have done that as it could lead to slander.”

Lan also said that he will be meeting with the food delivery rider later today at the local police station to resolve the issue between them.

Lan also said that he does not want the issue to be prolonged and wants it to be settled as soon as possible as Hari Raya is around the corner.

Previously in 2019, Lan made headlines after he was fined RM2,000 for assaulting a safety officer.

However, both parties have made peace with each other after Lan had issued a public apology to the safety officer.