Father of Malaysian rocker Azlan Typewriter dies of Covid-19, family witnesses final moments via video call

Azlan Typewriter’s father has passed away after three weeks of battling Covid-19. ― Picture via Instagram/azlanTypewriter

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KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 ― The father of rocker Azlan Typewriter has passed away after three weeks of battling Covid-19.

His father, Sallehudin Che Ani, 68, passed away at 4.25pm yesterday at the intensive care unit of Selayang Hospital.

The singer told MStar that he was heartbroken to witness his father’s final moments through a video call.

“I was heartbroken to see my late father slowly taking his last breath.

“The hospital gave us permission for a video call and all of my siblings attended the session as well.

“I couldn’t do anything but leave it to Allah SWT after not being allowed to manage my late father remains.”

Azlan said the hospital will be taking care of his late father’s remains including the burial services as according to the infectious diseases standard operating procedure.

He apologised for the previous mix up of hospital names and confirmed that his father was treated at Selayang Hospital and not  Serdang Hospital.

“I want to extend my gratitude to Hospital Selayang for their services and for taking care of the burial services for my late father as well.”

It was previously reported that Azlan’s father was in critical condition and was on a ventilator.

Azlan’s last meeting with his father in person was a month ago.