HK veteran entertainer Alan Tam to take legal action over claims he slept with a fan

Hong Kong veteran entertainer Alan Tam will take legal action after he was accused of sleeping with a fan in Shanghai. — Picture via Weibo

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 — Hong Kong veteran entertainer Alan Tam will be taking legal action against a social media user who accused the star of sleeping with his girlfriend.

The social media user had on Nov 23 posted on his Weibo that a patriotic male Hong Kong singer and his girlfriend had a relationship beyond friends, reported.

The user, using the handler Sad Beef Noodle_, said he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him through a hidden photo album.

His girlfriend told him that she wanted to visit her friends in Shanghai for two days but had instead wanted to meet the singer.

Scolding the singer, the user said despite having two wives, the singer still traveled to China to sleep with his fan.

The girl, added the user, is 48 years younger than the singer, which goes to proof the celebrity was morally corrupted and lacked ethics.

Tam was named at the end of the post. 

After the posts went viral, Tam’s fans demanded the user to show proof for his allegations.

In a post on Nov 24, the user attached a photo taken in a hotel room showing a man with his back facing the camera.

The user said he initially did not want to share the photo but was forced to do so after he was pestered by the fans.

In a related development, Tam’s agency said they would be taking legal action.

It was previously reported that Tam is married to Sally Yeung but maintains a relationship with Wendy Chu and they have a son.