Indonesian actress Anya Geraldine raises eyebrows after confessing to baby bottle drinking habit

Anya’s photo has gotten over 36,500 likes on Twitter so far. — Picture from Twitter/Anyaselalusebenar

PETALING JAYA, June 29 — Indonesian actress Anya Geraldine surprised her 843,000 Twitter followers when she posted a photo of herself drinking milk from a baby bottle while in bed.

In her tweet, Anya included the caption, “My weeknight” along with an angel emoji.



The 24-year-old explained in an earlier Twitter post that she has struggled for years to give up her baby bottle habit and that she is forced to hide it from her disapproving parents.

“The story is that I was asked by my parents to stop drinking from the baby bottle when I entered standard six.

“They threw out all my baby bottles but in the end, I started drinking from them again when I went to college.

“When I began living on my own, I picked up the habit once more but whenever my parents come around, they will always throw the bottle out,” said the Yowis Ben 2 actress.



In another tweet, Anya shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with her mother who warned her not to drink from the baby bottle because it would damage her teeth.



Reactions to Anya’s peculiar habit were varied, with some saying they were entertained by the star’s antics while others said they found her behaviour strange.