Lady Gaga, JLo kick off inauguration in style

Lady Gaga reacts with President-elect Joe Biden after singing the National Anthem. ― AFP pic

WASHINGTON, Jan 21 ― Lady Gaga launched Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony by belting out a classic rendition of the US national anthem, donning a billowing ball gown and enormous dove brooch.

The long-sleeved gown, reportedly Schiaparelli, featured a fitted navy drop-waist bodice with a demure mock neck collar, a look completed with a voluminous scarlet skirt that ensured she kept her Covid-friendly distance.

“My intention is to acknowledge our past, be healing for our present, and passionate for a future where we work together lovingly. I will sing to the hearts of all people who live on this land,” Gaga tweeted ahead of her performance.

Following Gaga’s performance of The Star-Spangled Banner Jennifer Lopez took the stage, performing Woody Guthrie’s classic This Land Is Your Land, a tune with socialist leanings the folk legend is said to have written in response to the more nationalistic God Bless America.

Bronx-raised with Puerto Rican roots, Lopez finished with America The Beautiful, adding in a line of Spanish: “Siempre con libertad y justicia para todos” (“Liberty and justice for all, always”).

Sporting a white pantsuit ensemble with a lace ruffle collar, reportedly Chanel, Lopez also shouted “Let’s get loud!” during her performance, a nod to her turn-of-the-millennium signature hit, delighting social media. ― AFP-Relaxnews