Local singer Vanessa Reynauld speaks out against body shaming, talks of the importance of self-love (VIDEO)

Local singer Vanessa Reynauld has revealed that she has been a victim of body shaming since she was a child. ― Picture via Instagram/Vanessa Reynauld

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KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 ― Having been a victim of body shaming since she was a child, local singer Vanessa Reynauld has learned to persevere through it all.

This is after the 22-year-old took to her Instagram to put a spotlight on how body shaming can affect someone’s mental health while also pointing out the importance of self-love.

In the same post, Reynauld revealed that there was a time where she was too traumatised and afraid to go to school due to the excessive ridicule she received.

“There are those who compare me to a certain race and ethnicity just because of my natural beautiful afro.

“Hey! It’s expensive to do this kind of hairdo at saloons, okay!

“However, I managed to push through it anyway. Even though I’m still getting comments on my appearance, it’s not as bad as before because I’ve learned how to handle it,” she wrote in her captions.


The Rindu Separuh Nyawa singer also said that she was not giving up on her dreams just because of negative comments while also stating that her family was her true source of strength.

“I am strong because of my family. I promised to give them a good life especially for my elder brother, Christopher.

“My brother is a special boy, he has down syndrome. He’s totally dependent so I’m the one who takes care of him everyday by feeding and cleaning him.

“Christopher is the true love of our family. He made me feel complete,” Reynauld wrote in the post which also features a video of her and Christopher.

Aside from that, the 36th Anugerah Juara Lagu contestant also expresses her excitement after being featured on the New York’s Time Square’s billboard under the Spotify-Equal campaign.

She also teased the release of her upcoming single Buatku Sempurna this January 28 which is dedicated to her brother.