TVB agrees to release actress Jacqueline Wong from eight-year bond without penalty

Hong Kong broadcasting company TVB has agreed to release actress Jacqueline Wong without penalising her. — Picture by Instagram jacquelinebwong

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 — Hong Kong broadcasting company TVB has agreed to release actress Jacqueline Wong from her eight-year bond with the station without penalising her.

Quoting the company’s executive Virginia Lok, Hong Kong’s Ming Pao reported that the 32-year-old would not be penalised as she did not abandon TVB to join another rival company.

“I believe she has her own plans for her future,” said Lok.

She said Wong did not express the intention to return to the screen when met last week.

“She is happy that there are friends who care about her. 

“And during the current Covid-19 pandemic, she was keeping herself active by exercising.”

Asked if the station would arrange roles for Wong if she decides to stay on, Lok said:

“If she returns, will people accept her? 

“If they cannot accept her, there are no reasons for her to return and let her become a topic of conversations.”

She noted that things have started to return to normal after two years following the kissing controversy between Wong and celebrity Andy Hui.

“Even our Best Actor winner (Kenneth Ma — Wong’s former beau) has found his other half, this is something to be happy.”

It was previously reported that Wong fled to the United States after her affair with actor and singer Hui was exposed in April 2019.

Shortly after a video showing the duo kissing and cuddling in the backseat of a car blew up online, Hui hosted a press conference where he broke down in tears and apologised for his behaviour.

His wife Sammi Cheng later posted a statement on her Instagram saying she forgave him and that it was “an important lesson” in their marriage.