Iran best friend for Afghanistan: IRNA chief

Referring to the cultural, linguistic, and religious commonalities between Iran and Afghanistan, Norouzpour said that the media of both countries should strengthen the mutual interests and friendship between the nations.

During the meeting that was held at the IRNA headquarters in Tehran, the IRNA chief said that the Persian Language (Farsi), as the identity symbol of both nations, should gain special attention.

Commenting that Farsi is the second language of the Muslim World and is rooted in a big culture and civilization, Norouzpour said that some foreign anti-Farsi movements are seen today, which have been trying to disrupt the relations between the two countries throughout history.

He went on to say that the MoUs between IRNA and Afghan media need revising and updating, adding that IRNA is ready to have full cooperation with Afghan media, including AVA, in the fields of education and exchange of news and information in order to help solidarity and unity between the Iranian and Afghan nations.

Hosseini, the head of AVA, said that Afghanistan has turned into an arena for Western media and that their programs are increased day by day to form Afghan public opinion.

He called for the expansion of cooperation between Iranian and Afghan media, which is in the interest of both countries and nations.

He said that Afghanistan has a special condition and at the same time enjoys high capacities, adding that it is expected that bilateral and regional media cooperation between the two countries be expanded more than before.

He noted that Iran is a strategic partner for Afghanistan and that the national interests of Iran and Afghanistan are under attack of common enemies and greedy foreigners.

The head of AVA also said that the media can pave the way for stronger solidarity between the people of Iran and Afghanistan, adding that IRNA that has a long history in Afghanistan has a big role in this field.


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