Iran leaves no excuse for foes on nuclear issue: VP

In a meeting on Resistance Economy doctrine in Golestan Province, Jahangiri said that the tactful implementation of the law has left no excuse for the foes to claim that there are different voices in Iran.

“We have done a job that Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US could not celebrate due to our measure,” he said, adding, “They could not accuse Iran of trying to attain nuclear bomb.”

The sanction campaign targeted Iran’s main economic sectors, including oil sale, banking system, as well as shipping, aviation and road sectors aimed at declining the possibility of transferring money, he added.

The Iranian people stand against all pressures; so, the country is alive powerfully, but former US President Donald Trump and his team who proposed sanction regime against the Islamic Republic are now part of history, the VP noted.

The US wanted to destroy Iranian economy and put so much pressure on the Iranian people to pour into streets and pave the way for their much anticipated fall of the system, but the Iranians could gloriously go through the hard situation and prove that they are an honorable nation, Jahangiri argued.

He also noted that the government tries to pave the way for the lifting of the illegal sanctions and find a way to avoid any further pressures on the great Iranian nation.

The first vice president accompanied by a number of ministers arrived in Gorgan, the capital city of Golestan Province, in order to negotiate with provincial officials on development projects in this northern province.


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