Iran ready to sign military-security agreements with Persian Gulf countries: Defense Minister

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s Defense Minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatami stressed, “Termination of arms embargo against Iran has created an opportunity for us to import the weapons we need and export our weapons to other countries”.

He made the remarks in an interview with Al Jazeera during which General Hatami spoke about the latest regional and international developments including termination of arms embargo against Iran.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has military contracts with China and Russia in order to boost its military power” General Hatami said.

“We are not looking for an arm race in the region which turns the region into a powder keg. We are ready to sign military and security agreements with the countries of the Persian Gulf in order to strengthen regional stability,” he added.

Commenting on conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the minister stressed, “Iran has given official warnings to Azerbaijan and Armenia regarding the security of Iranian border areas. We expect Turkey, as an important and friendly country, to help resolve the Karabakh crisis diplomatically”.

Pointing to the normalization of relations between the Zionist regime and some Arab countries, General Hatami said, “The normalization of relations of the UAE and Bahrain with the Zionist regime is a direct threat to the security of the Persian Gulf region. Any Israeli threat coming from the Persian Gulf will face a clear and direct response”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, General Hatami emphasized that Iran will not negotiate with the US regarding its missile systems, and no one has the right to ask Iran to do so.

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