Trump after global peace?

The President of the United States is seeking to win the votes of the Americans before the elections by launching foreign policy propaganda that has proven to benefit his own interests and is not in favor of achieving peace in the world.

Trump, who is desperately seeking the attention of the nation on the threshold of the US’ presidential election, continues to deceive them by the various plots.

Given the successive failures of Washington’s policies in recent years and Trump’s frustration with winning the upcoming election, the analysts consider the move in line with his campaign.

During the meeting, Trump claimed that the Bahrain-UAE agreement with the Zionist regime will lead to real peace, which many experts believe it will only exacerbate tensions.

In the meantime, Trump is exploiting the Afghan peace issue to get short-term electoral benefits even if it fails.

Why did Trump suddenly think of peace in the Middle East at this watershed moment prior to the US’ presidential election and had not done anything about it before?


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