Bennett visits Sukkah of disability-inclusive youth movement

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett paid a visit to the Sukkah of Israeli disability-inclusive youth movement Krembo Wings on Wednesday.

Bennett was joined by MK Shirley Pinto in the Sukkah, set up in Nitzanim primary school in Tel Aviv.

“You are everything that is beautiful about our country,” the Prime Minister said to the youths. “As far as I am concerned, all of Israel should have Krembo Wings’ holiday spirit,” Bennett added.

“We appreciate and cherish Prime Minister Bennett for his involvement in activities promoting the special needs community,” Krembo Wings CEO Talia Harel Bejerano said.

“We were excited to host him at the movement’s 84th branch, recently opened in Tel Aviv, and we will be delighted to continue the wonderful relationship for the benefit of spreading the movement’s values to more youths in Israel,” Bejerano added.

 Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Krembo Wings' Sukkah on September 22, 2021. (credit: CHAIM TZACH/GPO) Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Krembo Wings’ Sukkah on September 22, 2021. (credit: CHAIM TZACH/GPO)

Krembo Wings, established in 2002, is an Israeli youth movement geared towards kids with and without disabilities. It has 84 branches throughout the country, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south.

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