KKL-JNF to build amphitheater safe for live-audiences amid coronavirus

As the coronavirus disrupts life around the world, and social gatherings and large events are often cancelled, the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National  Fund (KKL-JNF) has found a way to bring people together for events despite the required social distancing.
KKL-JNF has developed plans to build an amphitheater where people can still sit together while being isolated, allowing for the possibility for crowds to safely watch performances that will no longer need to be cancelled due to social distancing concerns. 

“Citizens and Israeli artists deserve to return to a routine that allows everyone some fun, and some rest, in a period such as this,” said KKL-JNF Chairman, Daniel Atar.

The amphitheater, with the ability to seat hundreds of audience members, will be set up outdoors, and will have seating set up in the form of capsules that can hold up to ten people who have signed up as a group.

Design for KKL-JNF's new coronavirus period safe amphitheater (Credit: Vladimir Brodetsky)Design for KKL-JNF’s new coronavirus period safe amphitheater (Credit: Vladimir Brodetsky)

The capsule design allows for audience members to watch a live performance while still maintaining Health Ministry regulations. Additionally, food and drink will be made available for customers to take away, at specific stands located throughout the complex.

The first event will take place in August, in KKL-JNF’s new complex, and tickets will be sold on a donation basis. 

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