14 arrests for 2 mafia murders, clan gun battle

(ANSA) – CATANIA, APR 20 – Italian police on Tuesday arrested
14 people on suspicion of double homicide, six attempted
homicides and carrying weapons illegally after a major gun
battle between rival clans in Catania on August 8 last year.
In the firefight, members of the ‘Cursoti milanesi’ and Cappello
crime families clashed in the Librino quarter on at least 14
motor vehicles.
The toll from the drive-by gun battle was two dead and several
Police said the toll could have been heavier “if you think that
the firefight happened in the evening in the densely populated
Librino quarter, marked by a high residential density and where
residents, including women and children, above all due to the
summer heat, are wont to stay out in the streets until late”.