15 arrests in Piedmont health graft probe

(ANSA) – ROME, 30 NOV – Italian police on Monday made 15
arrests after smashing what they called a “criminal gang” that
allegedly rigged tenders in the Piedmont health system,
committed fraud in public supplies and was guilty of corruption
in the northern region’s ASL health agencies.
The probe focused on three tenders, for an overall value of some
3.5 million euros, issued by the Turisn ASL 4, Novara’s Maggiore
della Carità Hospital, the ASL in Asti and the Alesssandria
hospital company.
At least one public functionary falsified documents in the case,
police said.
Police said they seized some 300,000 euros in property and goods
held by the accused, which were the alleged fruit of ill-gotten
gains. (ANSA).