2 daughters arrested in death of ex-traffic cop

(ANSA) – BRESCIA, SEP 24 – Two of the three daughters of a
55-year-old former traffic cop who disappeared in May and whose
body was found in August were arrested Friday on suspicion of
murdering her to inherit her wealth.
Also arrested on the same charges was the boyfriend of the
eldest daughter.
Laura Ziliani, a former traffic warden in Temù near Brescia,
went missing on May 8 and her body was found in the countryside
surrounding the small town on August 8.
Silvia and Paola Zani, 27 and 19 years old, and 28-year-old
Mirto Milani, were arrested and detained in a local prison.
They have been charged with premeditated murder, aggravated by
the relation to the victim, and hiding a body.
The three had told police Ziliani probably had a heart attack
while hiking in the woods.
Preliminary investigations judge Alessandra Sabatucci said those
charged “had a clear interest in replacing Laura Ziliani in the
administration of a major property legacy in order to resolve
their respective economic problems”. (ANSA).