2 youths arrested for beating man near Latina

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 10 – Two youths were arrested Monday for
allegedly beating a man so severely that he suffered a broken
skull and a brain haemorrhage at Sezze near Latina south of Rome
on March 30, police said.
The pair are a 17-year-old boy from Priverno and a 20-year-old
man from Sezze.
The boy was taken to a youth detention centre and the man to a
The boy allegedly slapped the victim, a Romanian citizen, and
the man, an amateur boxer, punched him in the jaw so hard he
suffered a fracture skull and a brain haemorrhage when he hit
the ground.
Police said the pair attacked the man for kicks.
They allegedly saw him as an easy target because he was drunk,
police said.
Police complained that no one had been willing to come forward
and testify against the youths even though the attack, in the
historic centre of the town, had many witnesses.
But they said they were now sure they had the right suspects.
The pair have been charged with attempted murder. (ANSA).