Anti-vaxxer tries to get artificial arm jabbed

(ANSA) – ROME, DEC 3 – An anti-vaxxer has been reported to
criminal prosecutors in the northern city of Biella for
attempting to cheat Italy’s COVID-19 measures by trying to get a
jab injected into an artificial arm on Thursday.
The man was a suspended health worker, sources said on Friday.
All health workers must be vaccinated for the coronavirus to be
able to work in Italy and, as of next week, the ‘Super Green
Pass’ showing that a person is jabbed or has recovered from
COVID-19 in the last six months will be required to take part in
almost all social, cultural and leisure activities.
The man tried to have the vaccine injected into an silicone limb
but the nurse giving the injection, Filippa Bua, caught on.
“He was a distinguished person, like many, and a smiler too,
which has been rare recently,” said Bua.
“I was astounded. I realised straight away that something was
not right.
“We are professions although I had had never come up against
something so creative”. (ANSA).