Councillor who shot dead migrant freed from house arrest

(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 20 – A northern Italian former municipal
councillor who shot dead a Moroccan immigrant during a fight on
July 20 was released from house arrest Wednesday after the terms
of his arrest expired.
Voghera Security Councillor Massimo Adriatici is under
investigation for excessive self-defence after shooting dead
38-year-old Yous El Boussettaoui outside a pub, as he fell to
the ground after allegedly being punched.
Adriatici, a lawyer and local anti-street violence campaigner,
allegedly fired at the immigrant in self-defence, said his
rightwing nationalist League party, which is known for its tough
stances on migrants and which has successfully campaigned for
looser self-defence laws in Italy.
Centre-left parties were critical of Adriatici saying he was an
example of “Wild West vigilante justice”. (ANSA).