COVID: Back research, it will beat pandemic-Mattarella

(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 26 – President Sergio Mattarella said at a
ceremony marking ‘The Days of Research” Monday that “this
appointment confirms to us how important is the awareness that
none of us can ignore the duty to sustain and encourage research
to then be able to share the results. Research will beat the
COVID pandemic”.
“COVID will be defeated by the search for ever more effective
therapies, for the vaccine,” said the president at the ceremony
in Rome.
Research, Mattarella said, is “a team game and n the global
emergency we need, not competition, but dialogue and the
exchange of information, and studies.Now is the time for
collaboration and global alliances, not selfishness. We must
share the discoveries just as we share the suffering.
“COVID will be beaten by better therapies and the vaccine. We
will obviously have to help it and help ourselves with the
efficiency of health organization, prevention and precaution,
and solidarity towards those who need care.
“The other pathologies have not gone into lockdown. Too many
screenings and treatments have been put off for therapies that,
like tumours, do not allow pauses and suspensions.
“Let’s not forget that everyone’s enemy is the virus”.
Mattarella also said that research was the antidote to the
“tunnel of fake news”.
He underscored: “we must invest more in research and
Italy is enduring a second wave of the virus, like many other
The government has introduced new measures including closing
gyms, pools, cinemas and theatres and imposing a six o’clock
p.m. curfew on bars and eateries. (ANSA).