Debt-to-GDP ratio to come down from 2021 – Gualtieri

(ANSA) – ROME, SEP 15 – Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri
said Tuesday that the government intends to take action to bring
down Italy’s huge public debt and forecast that the results will
start to show next year.
“I confirm that we intend to achieve a significant decrease in
the debt-to-GDP ratio from 2021,” Gualtieri told a Lower House
session on the Recovery Fund.
“We want this decrease to continue in the following years in
order to gradually return to pre-pandemic levels and, in the
long term, to achieve a further reduction”.
Earlier on Tuesday the Bank of Italy said Italy’s public debt
hit a new high of 2,560.5 billion euros in July, up 29.9 billion
with respect to June. (ANSA).