‘Dramatic’ wildfires in several Italian regions

(ANSA) – ROME, AUG 2 – After Sardinia and Sicily in recent
weeks, Abruzzo has become the latest Italian region to be hit by
devastating wildfires.
“We still have dozens of people out of their homes, including 33
nuns from a convent,” said Carlo Masci, the mayor of Pescara.
“There is a great deal of anxiety and it hurts even more today
to see the skeletons of the trees.
“The damage suffered yesterday is immeasurable”.
Civil Protection Department Chief Fabrizio Curcio said that
Sunday had been “dramatic” with over 50 requests for
interventions to tackle wildfires in central and southern Italy.
Speaking to Mediaset television, Curcio said wildfire-prevention
measures should be a priority all year, not just n the summer.
His department is set to request that the EU mechanism for
aircraft assistance from other countries to combat the fires be
The are also forest fires in Molise and Marche. (ANSA).