Ex-husband, acquaintance arrested for murder of Faenza woman

(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 3 – Police said Wednesday that they have
arrested the ex husband of Ilenia Fabbri, a 46-year-old woman
whose throat was slit at her home in Faenza, near Ravenna on
February 6, and an acquaintance of his in relation to the
The husband, 53-year-old mechanic Claudio Nanni, allegedly
commissioned the other man to kill his former partner.
Investigators suspect that the motive is linked to Nanni’s
“profound resentment” at the economic demands made by the victim
after the couple separated in 2018.
The alleged accomplice was identified with the help of a
description from the only eye-witness, a friend of the victim’s
daughter, and footage from a video-surveillance camera in a home
in the area of the murder scene. (ANSA).